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Wally Wolf

Wally has amerced himself in technology his entire life, taking apart electronics as a young child and reassembling them for fun, he became one of only a few certified technicians in California to work on the Commodore computer systems. He quickly gained a reputation for quality service and support, which has followed him his entire life.

Don’t let the word Commodore scare you, Wally is well adapted to today’s electronics as well, excelling at a vast array of today’s technology. Many customers have remarked how they learn new exciting things by just being in the presence of him. His ever expanding vocabulary and knowledge base provides a never ending learning experience.

Richard B Keg

Richard has been fascinated with all areas of technology since an early age, gaining respect for his ability of figure out a fix for the most annoying of issues at a young age. Becoming a part time employee of his elementary school, the 5th grade proved very exciting as his day was split up between learning and troubleshooting, it was not a rare sight for him to be pulled out of class to fix a problem. This pattern continued to high school, where he spent many periods repairing problems and training staff and students.

After high school, Richard worked for a tech support call center for several years before going to work for the government. Richard also writes for SierraNewsOnline.com and does a Q&A section called Ask the Geek!